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  • What does Placement Pros have to offer me?
    Placement Pros offers complete career and training assistance. We can help you assess your own skills and interests, then help you prepare to succeed in accomplishing your career goals. Placement Pros offers a wide range of benefits. 

  • What types of work are available through Placement Pros?
    Placement Pros assists with different levels of positions in:

    • Industrial - general labor and certified positions
    • Security - guard certification and advanced security

  • What is the age requirement?
    Anyone age 18 or older who is capable of completing the work duties of an assignment are encouraged to apply. 

  • Do you hire for temporary and full-time positions?
    We’re a full-service staffing solution company assisting with temporary, short-term, long-term, temp-to-hire and permanent placements. 

  • Is there a fee to join this company?
    We never charge a fee. Applicants do not pay to register with us. Also for a placement, we do not deduct anything from your paycheck. You will know your exact pay rate before accepting an assignment.

  • How do I get paid?
    Your Placement Pros representative will show you how to document your time and how you will get paid.

  • What is the expected dress code?
    As dress codes vary depending on the nature of your job, your Placement Pros representative will detail what is acceptable. It is always advised that you maintain both a neat and clean appearance.

  • What are your financial benefits?
    • Direct deposit
      For your convenience, Placement Pros gives you the option of having your net pay automatically deposited into your checking or savings account each payday.
    • 401K account
      Since you are able to make contributions on a pre-tax basis, this plan is a smart way to save for retirement.
    • Incentive bonus
      For hard work and loyalty, this bonus is available to employees currently on assignment and is based on cumulative hours.
    • Referral bonus
      The best comes from the best! Placement Pros always seeks good talent. As soon as a referral completes their first week of work, the referring employee receives a cash bonus.

  • Do you have a safety program?
    Placement Pros is devoted to our employees and their safety. We list these safety guidelines below to promote healthy work habits and to prevent injuries.

    Workplace Safety:

    1. Check the bulletin board at offices where you work. Safety issues are usually posted in common areas. Company policies vary and it is your responsibility to keep current on the safety issues pertaining to each new workplace.
    2. Maintain a neat work area and report any safety violations to your Placement Pros representative.
    3. Report accidents or injuries to a Placement Pros representative immediately. As our employee, you are fully covered by our Worker's Comp Insurance.

    Computer Monitors:

    1. To prevent eye, neck and back strain from computer use, sit in a comfortable chair with good back support. Do not lean forward in chair.
    2. Line of sight should be perpendicular to center of screen. The monitor should be at least 12 inches from your face, with the brightness adjusted to a comfortable level.
    3. Feet should rest comfortably on the floor; arms and hands should comfortably reach the keyboard.

    Other Safety Guidelines:

    1. No driving.
    2. No handling of cash. 

  • Do you offer referral bonuses?
    You bet we do! A $25 bonus is yours for each new person you refer to Placement Pros after s/he completes the first full 100 hours of satisfactory performance. Be sure all your friends list your name on the original application as the person who referred them.

  • What are your health benefits?
    • Medical insurance
      Placement Pros offers medical insurance with two PPO options to choose from, which includes prescription drug plan and hospitalization coverage.
    • Dental insurance
      Preventive dental care, basic services and major restorative services coverage is available.Vision Insurance - eye exams are reimbursed up to $25 and discounts on prescription eyewear are provided.
    • Term life insurance
      Your choice of three benefit levels up to $30,000, and family coverage, is available.
    • Disability insurance
      Short-term disability coverage provides a choice of three benefit levels for weekly replacement of income.

  • What happens if the client offers me full-time employment?
    Placement Pros encourages full-time placement! If you’re approached by a client on-site supervisor for full-time employment and you’re interested, we’re happy to assist you in an easy transition to full-time status with the best possible terms for you and your new employer. Contact us immediately if the client discusses this option with you.

  • What are my responsibilities in accepting an assignment?
    Be diligent, responsible, and dependable. Remember that when accepting an assignment, your commitment is extremely important:

    1. Start date, duration of assignment, work hours and job number are important facts. Make sure your information is correct.
    2. Confirm worksite directions with your Placement Pros representative. Write down and take with you the company name, phone number and extension.
    3. Write down and take with you the name of the person you report to, her or his title and department.
    4. Clarify the nature of the work, dress appropriately and ask any questions.
    5. Know your rate of pay and keep it private. Also, maintain confidentiality with all customer business.
    6. Call and tell us your direct phone number to your work area. Your personal calls should be made only during break times and only on your personal phone.
    7. Call at least one hour in advance if you’re sick or running late.
    8. Do not bring personal belongings, including newspapers or books. Placement Pros is not responsible for your belongings.
    9. Always suggest that you would be happy to return to the client.
    10. Remember to call in when you become available so we can consider you as employment opportunities arise.
    11. Our customer expects a flexible person with a good and cheerful attitude. If duties differ drastically from what we described, please call your Placement Pros representative.

  • Do I need special permits for security or industrial positions?
    Special permits and certification is required for most assignments in our security division. Selected applicants will be tested and state certification will be available. Some industrial positions require special driver's licenses and equipment permits.

  • What is your policy on harassment issues?
    Placement Pros strongly disapproves of any form of harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, and encourages all employees to assist in the prevention of all forms of harassment. Any person who believes that s/he has been harassed while on assignment, or is a witness to any act of harassment, should promptly report facts to their Placement Pros representative.

    Placement Pros management will investigate such claims and maintain the highest confidentiality possible under the circumstances. Should you have questions pertaining to Placement Pros policy and procedures on harassment, please contact your Placement Pros representative. Placement Pros prohibits retaliation against any employee who has reasonably reported or complained of harassment consistent with state law.